First Impressions! Part one


So, I’ve been trying to think of something interesting to write about. And, the one thing that kept coming into my mind was the first time I visited Walt Disney World on October 2, 1982. And, the very first thing I got to do was ride the futuristic Monorail to The Magic Kingdom! I remember standing there gazing in awe as this sleek looking, shiny ‘train’ wooshed into the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) Station. I was amazed!

In the years to follow, I still have that same sense of awe! As someone who has spent a significant part of his adult life in the transportation industry (bus driver), I am always interested in other forms of transportation. What has amazed me most about the Monorail, is that it hasn’t been a concept widely considered by local governments. After all, if I remember the spiel, the monorail is propelled by magnetic motors that use electricity to drive them. That seems incredibly efficient in my mind.

On my last trip, I took a Disney Transport bus from Port Orleans – Riverside to The Magic Kingdom. And, while it was nice to have someone else do the driving, I was a little confused by being dropped just feet away from the entrance to the park. What happened to the TTC? So, at the end of our day, my oldest daughter and I jumped on the boat from The Magic Kingdom to the TTC and boarded the EPCOT Monorail. I had to have a ride! There was no choice for me! I was drawn to it! And, my daughter loved the ride, too! Seeing her eyes as the train approached reminded me of how I must have looked oh so many years ago.

So, I ask you…Is the monorail a ride? An attraction? Transportation? Or, could it be a little of all three? I think you know my answer, please feel free to leave your comments.

I’d like to thank for mentioning my blog on their show! It was unexpected, but quite appreciated! Thanks, Guys!

And remember, may you always come home with Magical Memories!