Destination: Walt Disney World



As I type this, I am at T-12 hours from going “HOME”!  My most favorite place in the world, and possibly the only geographical place I find real happiness, is Walt Disney World in Florida!  Today, I begin the journey of my triumphant return as I drive to Orlando with the goal of reaching The Art of Animation Resort sometime the morning of December 4.  This will bring about the celebration of my 53rd birthday, and Walt Disney’s 112th.  I have been a Disney fan since I was a child.  I always enjoyed the movies, nature films, and television shows growing up.  And, when Walt Disney World opened up in October 1971, I wanted to go visit, but my mother would always say ‘no’.  This year, I will also be celebrating my father’s first birthday in his absence.  Dad went to heaven on Valentine’s Day this year, and I will be carrying him in my heart on December 5, also.  I miss him, but know he will be with me on this trip!  A trip he always wanted to take with us when my brother and I were kids.

It will be a busy week, as I only have five days in the parks!  And, it will be topped by a seven hour backstage tour on my last day.  I can’t wait to enjoy that birthday present to myself!  I hope you will all join me on my adventures as I post pictures, blogs, and reviews here daily. 

Until tomorrow, have a Blessed and Magical Day!!

One Man’s Dream

Years ago, when I first visited Walt Disney World with only two parks, I went to the Magic Kingdom. I remember on the right as I walked in the gate that there was a theater marquee that read “The Walt Disney Story”. Inside were a few small exhibits with pictures and replicas of the Oscars given to Walt for “Snow White”, and a movie called “The Walt Disney Story”. That movie was the telling of the history of who Walt Disney was, and what he accomplished despite the setbacks and struggles.

One Man's Dream

Now, when you head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you go to the Animation Courtyard area and find “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream”. There you will find some of the same things, and more!! A multi-plane camera like the one used by Disney Animators in the making of “Snow White” and other classics, a scale model of Walt’s Burbank Studio office, many biographical and historical pictures with details, and at the end of that little museum walk, a theater that presents “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream”.

Many people walk past this theater because maybe they don’t feel it’s all that important as compared to getting to Toy Story Midway Mania or Tower of Terror, but it is an opportunity to show those who never knew him, to meet Walt Disney through history! I never miss it! So, I urge you, next time you visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios, make it a point to see this movie and keep Walt’s memory alive! Maybe it will inspire one of our kids to be the Walt of a new generation!

Thanks for reading and have a Blessed Day!!


Mobile devices

Okay, I know that this blog is aimed primarily at people who love, Love, LOVE Walt Disney World! But, something I have been fighting myself about is how much tech do I allow myself to indulge in while on vacation. I know that there is Wi-Fi all over the parks and resorts, and yet I can’t help but wonder…How much is TOO much?

I have become aware, of late, of the overwhelming control my handheld device seems to be taking in all parts of my life, and I don’t do anything that important! Last week, my wife and I took a mini-date without the kids. I did not have my phone with me, and I didn’t really miss it! This got me to thinking about whether or not I really need it all that much! And as a dad,on vacation, I really want to work at spending most of my attention on my wife and kids, not my cell phone or tablet or whatever! So, I am now considering how much I really want to use my portable electronics. When I am on vacation, I really want to leave my ‘regular’ life behind. ESPECIALLY AT WDW!

So, my strategy may be changing. Instead of submitting wait times, etc. I may just use my device for tracking wait times for our own use. I am going to take my camera and video camera for various usage, and off load to my computer once I return to our resort. This way, while I am in the parks I can concentrate taking meaningful pictures and not so much on posting. At least, that’s what I think now!!

I pray that you all have a blessed week!!