Green Army Guy - KTP

When headed to Walt Disney World, one of the primary decisions is how to tour! In our family, albeit not my personal choice, we tend to go in the style of the COMMANDO! Meaning we hit the ground running with my wife taking the lead and she has a very specific plan on what she wants to see, and in what order! Here’s how it works…

Get up early, I mean EARLY! Grab whatever you want for breakfast on the way out the door and head for a bus or the car, depending on what you are using to get around. Arrive at your desired park at least 30 minutes ahead of park opening. From that point on, it’s making use of crowd flow, and a good touring plan, to accomplish the goal…RIDE EVERYTHING, SEE EVERYTHING, RIDE EVERYTHING AGAIN!!

Bathroom breaks are allowed within the flow of moving from one area to another, no special stops allowed. Even eating has been planned carefully as to not interfere with getting to a ride or attraction on time!

Personally, I don’t like commando because it is very difficult to slow down and take in the Disney Details! But, I also know there are many who prefer this plan of attack.

I think a balance is probably the best approach. Be commando first thing, then take a break either in park or out, then slow it down and really allow yourself to take in the atmosphere and details to the architecture. Look around for Hidden Mickeys or other characters, plant life, or take a seat somewhere and people watch.

When at Disney, choose carefully how you want to tour and stick to your plan!

Thanks for reading! Have a Blessed and Magical Day!!