Yes, it’s that time of year when we sweat at the very thought of sweating!  I am in Ohio and already we are combating heat in the 90s, and humidity at 200%!  I can’t even imagine with it may be doing at Walt Disney World.  However, knowing that most people need to stick to the school systems schedules, here are a few suggestions and reminders for surviving the hot summer days in Central Florida!  And, maybe we will see how Olaf really does in summer!

The biggest thing is to remember to stay hydrated! Water, Water, Water!!! Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol as they will only serve to dry you out and dehydrate your body! This is a BAD thing! Eat some fresh fruits to help keep hydrated, as well!

Make use of some of the indoor attractions like: Hall of Presidents, Impressions de France, or Finding Nemo to get some time in the air conditioning, the same goes for indoor eating establishments. A little cooling off can recharge you and keep you moving in the direction you want to go.

If necessary, plan a midday break! Enjoy your resort pool, take a nap, watch a little Stacy on Resort TV. Then head back into the parks when the sun is working it’s way down and things begin to cool off a bit. This tip is good especially if you have little ones who don’t handle the heat well, and might become cranky as the temperature gets warmer. (I know a few dads who could use the break, too)

Remember, this is a vacation! You don’t want to end up spending in at the First Aid Station, or worse, a hospital when you should be riding Splash Mountain or Test Track!

Stay cool and have a blessed and magical day, my friends!!