Rope Drop

On your Mark! Get Set!! ROPE DROP!!!

When you get up and start moving around your resort room hoping to “casually” wake up everyone else in your party. One by one, they start waking up and motivated. And, before you know it, it’s time to head for the bus, your car, a boat, or whatever you are using for transport to the park of choice for today. And, you are at least an hour ahead of park opening, or Rope Drop, as it is known at Walt Disney World.

You may not think this is important, but I think with the introduction of Fastpass Plus, there may be even more reason to arrive in time for Rope Drop. By arriving this early, you can beat the majority of guests who think it’s no big deal and get onto some of the headliners with very little wait.

Here’s my suggestion, whether you want to just do one park, or hop to another one, set your Fastpasses for later in the day! That way you can either get to a couple of headliners at Rope Drop wherever you choose to begin your day. And, at least at The Magic Kingdom, has a morning welcome show that starts about 10 minutes before opening and it is FUN!!

So, make a commitment to make Rope Drop at least a few times during your vacation!

Thanks for visiting and have a Blessed and Magical Day!!