Quick Service

All around Walt Disney World there are places to grab a bite to eat that you can just walk up to and order your meal. These little spots of refreshment are known around the Parks as Quick Service restaurants. Unlike their sit-down counterparts, there are no reservations required and generally a shorter wait time between ordering and eating.

But, don’t let the label scare you away! Many of these establishments offer some very tasty treats! And, they all have a touch of Disney to them to keep you entertained. Many of the Quick Service spots have outdoor seating, but there are some that offer shelter from the elements.

EPCOT may have some of the greatest variety of food choices. At Sunshine Seasons you can grab a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And, meals are under $15 each with many being less then $10! There is quite a variety and something for everyone’s taste. You can find Sunshine Seasons is found in The Land Pavilion. Want something a bit more adventurous, walk around World Showcase where you’ll find more choices than you can probably consume. Mexico, UK, China, Morocco, and many others have Quick Service options from meals to snacks and much more available!

Magic Kingdom has a lot to choose from, also. One of the most talked about is Pecos Bill’s. The fixins bar is astounding and has just about anything you can dream of for your sandwiches. You can find Pecos Bills in Frontierland. Another much talked about stop is Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland. There are many choices for entrees, but pay attention to which bay has what you want to eat. It can be a bit confusing! My newest favorite is Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square. The menu is fantastic and the food quite nicely done! The atmosphere of the sitting area also lends to the experience.

Hollywood Studios has quite a few spots to check out. Backlot Express got good reviews from my wife! But, my favorite is Starring Rolls. The deli style sandwiches are priced at a level that increases the enjoyment of these already delicious choices. AND, don’t forget the sweets! The Butterfinger Cupcake is very rich, but really yummy!

Animal Kingdom has a couple of places that get talked about quite a bit. First is Restaurantosaurus. It is familiar comfort foods, but I hear the macaroni hot dog is quite the adventure. Pizzafari also gets alot of attention within the Disney community. The themed dining area adds to the impressive experience. I believe the crowned jewel of Disney’s Animal Kingdom quick service has to be Flame Tree Barbecue! The food is exquisite and the outdoor atmosphere adds to the experience. And, if you pick the right place to sit, you have a view of Expedition Everest.

There are many more places we could talk about. Downtown Disney has it’s fair share of delicious quick service restaurants to take a crack at when you are hungry. Many resorts also offer some tantalizing offerings.

So, wherever you may find yourself while at Walt Disney World there is someplace close by to get a ‘QUICK’ bite. Bon Apetite

Have a Blessed and Magical Day!!