What’s The Attraction: Peter Pan’s Flight

As one of the original attractions at Walt Disney World, Peter Pan’s Flight opened up at The Magic Kingdom on October 3, 1971. And, can you believe it is still one of the most popular attractions on the entire resort property? Peter Pan is a suspended dark ride that uses a pirate ship for your ride vehicle. It is an omnimover ride that keeps the line moving.

In the first scene, we get a glimpse of the nursery where Wendy and the kids play with Raggedy Ann and Andy. There is also a Hidden Mickey at the beginning of the ride. As you begin to ascend in the ship, look to the right for three cookies.

From this point, you get an “aerial” view of the London skyline on the way to Neverland where we get a look at the Lost Boys Camp and Mermaid Lagoon. Make sure to look carefully at the Mermaids, you may recognize one of them!

The ride closes out with a pass over Skull Rock where you witness Capt. Hook and Peter Pan dueling it out. Then it’s back to London to reunite the family.

Peter Pan’s Flight is an incredibly popular attraction and often has longer wait times then most other rides, even in the lighter seasons. Fastpass+ is available, but if you head to this attraction as soon as you enter The Magic Kingdom, you could use your FP+ for something else later in the day.

Personally, I love this attraction! As an original, I almost feel Walt’s presence aboard the flying ship. I would say this one is a don’t miss if you have little ones!

Thanks for reading and have a Blessed and Magical day!!