Walt Disney…Erased?

It has been going on for the last few years, now.  It seems it won’t be long before someone asks…Walt who?

His first name has been deleted from the company.  His first name no longer leads the movies.  And, One Man’s Dream is being closed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I guess we should be glad that the Florida Project is still known as Walt Disney World

This is just my opinion, but it seems to me that it’s important to remember who made all of this possible.  Walt would say that “it all started with a mouse”.  But, I would prefer to think that it all started with a man.  That man is Walt Disney!  He persevered and overcame great odds to accomplish so much.  He first dreamed of a place where families could enjoy time together, Disneyland.   Then, he dreamed of a larger endeavor that could contain all of his desires.  That dream eventually became Walt Disney World.

The Man of Walt is going away, and this scares me! Without Walt, there would be no Disney! Personally, I want to remember the man.

I for one am immensely grateful to Walt Disney for all he accomplished.  And, I love that we have the ability to enjoy the results.  It is my hope that a new home for One Man’s Dream will be found, and even expanded to Disney Parks around the world.
I pledge to work to keep Walt Disney’s name alive!  Who will join me?

Thanks for reading.  May your weekend be a Blessed and Magical one, my friends!

One Man’s Dream? Gone? From DHS?

One Man's Dream

As a rule, I don’t like to dive into rumors, but this one seems like it may be real, given other information available.  Walt Disney One Man’s Dream appears to be another attraction placed on the chopping block for the anticipated Re-Imagining of Disney’s Hollywood Studio.

Along with Voyage of the Little Mermaid, One Man’s Dream may be scheduled to close as early as the end of September 2015.  At this time, there is no word on if it may be relocated to another park, or re-opened under another moniker after once the park is completed.

And, while I know that there are many people out there who never knew who Walt Disney was, I believe it is still important to save something of the LEGACY of the man responsible for so many smiles, on so many faces!  It is my sincere hope that this is not the Disney boards way of erasing Walt from the company!  Instead, just a temporary displacement of something that allows us a small glimpse into the man whose name is Walter Elias Disney!

Hopefully, we’ll know more after the D23 Expo coming up in a few weeks!

Thanks for reading, my friends!  I hope you have a Blessed and Magical day!

One Man’s Dream

Years ago, when I first visited Walt Disney World with only two parks, I went to the Magic Kingdom. I remember on the right as I walked in the gate that there was a theater marquee that read “The Walt Disney Story”. Inside were a few small exhibits with pictures and replicas of the Oscars given to Walt for “Snow White”, and a movie called “The Walt Disney Story”. That movie was the telling of the history of who Walt Disney was, and what he accomplished despite the setbacks and struggles.

One Man's Dream

Now, when you head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you go to the Animation Courtyard area and find “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream”. There you will find some of the same things, and more!! A multi-plane camera like the one used by Disney Animators in the making of “Snow White” and other classics, a scale model of Walt’s Burbank Studio office, many biographical and historical pictures with details, and at the end of that little museum walk, a theater that presents “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream”.

Many people walk past this theater because maybe they don’t feel it’s all that important as compared to getting to Toy Story Midway Mania or Tower of Terror, but it is an opportunity to show those who never knew him, to meet Walt Disney through history! I never miss it! So, I urge you, next time you visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios, make it a point to see this movie and keep Walt’s memory alive! Maybe it will inspire one of our kids to be the Walt of a new generation!

Thanks for reading and have a Blessed Day!!