Mobile devices

Okay, I know that this blog is aimed primarily at people who love, Love, LOVE Walt Disney World! But, something I have been fighting myself about is how much tech do I allow myself to indulge in while on vacation. I know that there is Wi-Fi all over the parks and resorts, and yet I can’t help but wonder…How much is TOO much?

I have become aware, of late, of the overwhelming control my handheld device seems to be taking in all parts of my life, and I don’t do anything that important! Last week, my wife and I took a mini-date without the kids. I did not have my phone with me, and I didn’t really miss it! This got me to thinking about whether or not I really need it all that much! And as a dad,on vacation, I really want to work at spending most of my attention on my wife and kids, not my cell phone or tablet or whatever! So, I am now considering how much I really want to use my portable electronics. When I am on vacation, I really want to leave my ‘regular’ life behind. ESPECIALLY AT WDW!

So, my strategy may be changing. Instead of submitting wait times, etc. I may just use my device for tracking wait times for our own use. I am going to take my camera and video camera for various usage, and off load to my computer once I return to our resort. This way, while I am in the parks I can concentrate taking meaningful pictures and not so much on posting. At least, that’s what I think now!!

I pray that you all have a blessed week!!