Walt Disney had an affinity for a vast area around him. He always felt it was something to be admired and, to some degree, conquered. That area is SPACE!

When you think about attractions, past and present, at any Disney Park, you can’t help but come across a number of them that have something to do with outer space. One of the first ones you see The Magic Kingdom as you walk toward Tomorrowland is Astro Orbiter. This attraction towers over the part of area of the park and gives you a quick but nearly complete view from a pretty good vantage point, if you can stand to look around while you’re spinning around!

One attraction that shows up in every Disney Park is Space Mountain. The Walt Disney World version opened in January 1975 and had the creative team had some help from former Mercury and Gemini astronaut Gordon Cooper. The use of lighting effects enhance this experience and add to the feeling of flying through space.

Mission to Mars, originally named Rocket to the Moon, Mission to Mars simulated a flight through space to The Red Planet. And, was basically the predecessor to EPCOT’s Mission:Space. Mission:Space takes this journey to a whole different level! There are two versions to this ride. The Orange Team is more aggressive with a lot more motion involved in the mission. The Green Team is still exciting without the aggressive movements.

Misson: Space
Misson: Space

Finally, we don’t want to leave Disney’s Hollywood Studios out of this trip through space. And, even though Walt is long gone, I believe he would have been proud to have Star Tours – The Adventure Continues as a part of his park! This ride is a simulator-type experience that uses 3-D technology to deliver an adventure that is as close to being out of this world as we can put together on this world.

Space! It’s wide open!!

Have a Blessed and Magical Day!!