Young At Heart

A 53 year old man walks toward The Magic Kingdom, he gets a flutter in his chest and feels his step getting a little lighter! As he passes under the train station and walks onto Main Street U.S.A., he gets a whiff of something delicious…Popcorn! He looks around at all the other people walking around and realizes that he’s not alone in what he is sensing. Oh, if feel great to be YOUNG AT HEART!

Me, being fun and impulsively Young At Heart!
Me, being fun and impulsively Young At Heart!

Yes, it doesn’t matter who you are, or what the cares of the world may be, when you come to Walt Disney World, you have permission to be Young at Heart! It’s time to put away the everyday, because it isn’t everyday around these parts! You can let the business of your life rest as you enter into the peace of the Disney “bubble” and just let it all wait for your return, later.

When Walt Disney decided to enter into the theme park business, I can’t help but imagine that along with providing a place for entire families to play together, he was giving each of us permission to be kids for just a little longer. There is nothing that makes me smile wider, or laugh harder, than when I am at the Walt Disney World Resort and in one of the theme parks! I forget that there is a life full of stress and responsibility and allow myself to relax. The cares of the world wash off my shoulders and I am home!

When you visit the Vacation Kingdom, I would like to suggest that you forget the rest of the world for as long as your vacation is set to last. If needed, shut off the ability to receive calls on your cell! I know with all the new technology, it’s necessary to carry your smartphone, but you don’t have to answer any calls, unless it’s a lost family member somewhere on the property. The boss can wait! The bills can wait! Anything that steals from your vacation is a vacation thief!

It’s time to give yourselves permission to be Young At Heart!! Be a kid at Walt Disney World! Visit the characters that you grew up with, and meet the ones your kids have gotten to know, too! Enjoy the attractions, rides, shows, or whatever else you want to take part in while visiting WDW. And, don’t forget to allow yourself to have FUN!!

Remember the old song? Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re Young At Heart!!


Today, we look at the fun you can have at Walt Disney World as a KID! Sure, I mean the kids we bring to the parks. But, I am also talking about the kids WE become when we get there! So, follow along, kiddies!

2013-12-05 13.04.55

We all know what inspired Walt Disney to put together these fabulous parks, the love of his children. Walt said that there ought to be someplace that Parents and Kids can go to have fun together! That is what inspired him to build Disneyland, and ultimately choose Florida for the location of his greatest achievement!

I love looking at Disney World through the eyes of my kids. They each have a little different perspective and impression of their experience. One will see the princesses and feel like she’s among real royalty! (Which she is!) Another will really take to the thrill rides, over and over and over! And, the third chooses to enjoy what he wants to enjoy and not do what he doesn’t want to do. But, they all enjoy something about Disney World that is unique to each of them, and that is what I believe is meant to happen on vacation.

I, however, look at the parks through the eyes of a little boy grown tall! I get such a feel of amazement every time I walk up to The Magic Kingdom for the first time every trip. I can literally feel the weight of the world leave my body and the joy of that place taking it’s place! To see the reveal of Cinderella’s Castle as I walk in from the train station and around the bend to Main St. USA, I hear myself sigh with glee! I am home!

So, I urge you, friends, to take time to see the wonder of the Walt Disney World Resort through the eyes of your kids. And, don’t forget to allow yourself to refocus your eyes and be a bit of a kid yourself. You ARE on vacation, right? You just might make some long lasting memories!

Until next time, may you have a Blessed and Magical Day!

Why I Cry at Walt Disney World

Anyone else know the feeling? You get to your resort, get settled into your room, grab a bite to eat like it’s no big deal being there. You board the Disney Transport bus and head to the park, no big deal either, right? You arrive at the bus depot and you start to feel the anticipation of what lies ahead. FINALLY, you walk through security to the turnstiles and get admitted. Now it hits you! YOU’RE AT THE MAGIC KINGDOM! As you approach the train station you see the beautiful flowers. As you clear the tunnel, tears begin to roll down your face as you realize that you are so happy to be here! That’s what happens to me every time I walk into the Magic Kingdom. It is typically the first park I visit when I take my vacation at Walt Disney World.

Our first family visit in Feb. 2012
Our first family visit in Feb. 2012

I love the feeling of being a kid in awe of the creation that began with Walt Disney. I grew up watching “The Wonderful World of Color” on Sunday evenings and remember the opening of Disneyland on our old Black and White television. In my mind, Mr. Disney was the greatest man on earth. I have loved all of the classic movies and even the original Mickey Mouse Club in syndication. And, being in a place that Walt designed, but was unable to see to completion! And, that thought causes me to be a bit emotional, also!

And then there’s the other end of the deal! Leaving! If you use Disney’s provided transportation for all of your needs, then the ride back to the airport is aboard the Tragical Express. I’m not sure what to call it when you have a 17 hour drive home ahead of you, but I’m sure I’ll be wailing a good bit of the way. In my heart, I never want to leave. This is the only place in the world where I feel I can be myself! It is my hope to relocate, someday, and be a part of the magic.

So, yes I cry going into the Happiest Place on Earth, and I cry harder on the way out! And, I am so looking forward to it on my upcoming trip!

Makin Memories…Sing Along!!

I’m sure that many of my fellow Disney World friends will remember that song from the Imagination Pavilion at EPCOT Center. I loved the song, and I loved the film that followed, Magic Journeys. But, what I really love is how we have the ability to save the memories we have made while in the parks.

Outside Imagination!

When I first visited WDW, it was just Magic Kingdom and EPCOT! And, about the only means to keep memories were Instamatic Cameras, 35mm Cameras, or 8mm film. My first trip, I took an 8mm film camera. I was amazed at how that camera was able to capture the vivid colors of Disney. My second trip, and subsequent trips over the next 4 years, was a Fuji AX-3 35mm and again, it was a really nice method to capture the magic in pictures!

Today, we have a larger variety of equipment to use and it can be quite confusing. We have our cell phones with cameras and video capture. There are I Pads, but most of us find it hard to enjoy our fireworks when someone sticks one in the air. Digital cameras come in many different styles from palm sized to full 35mm style bodies, and allow immediate reward when you capture that perfect picture. And then, there are the newer generation of video cameras. Many make use of Hi-Def and digital media. They are quite small and light and when it comes to the images…WOW!!

So, whatever your method of Making Memories that last, the important thing is to make sure you have some sort of record to share and pass on to your kids. Taking pictures is Making Memories!

Thanks for reading! Have a blessed and magical weekend!