Walt Disney had a vision of how he wanted to entertain early in his life and it continued right up to his death. The greatest tool I think he possessed was his IMAGINATION. And, as shown by the pavilion of the same name at EPCOT, all of us are encouraged to use OUR imaginations to move forward with progress.

Fountain at the Imagination Pavilion
Fountain at the Imagination Pavilion

In it’s original production, was hosted by Dreamfinder and Figment! The ride attraction had Dreamfinder on a dirigible type aircraft collecting various elements of imagination. And, one of the results is the creation of Figment! A cute little dragon with two tiny wings, eyes big and yellow, horns of a steer, a lovable fellow, with a touch of childish delight. And, I remember the Image Works part of the Imagination pavilion! It was fun and inventive and I was able to be the kid I was never able to be growing up! It was one of the most special places on the property for me.

Today, Disney’s Imagineers continue to combine imagination with engineering to create and develop new experiences within Disney Parks worldwide. And, more often than not, they develop the new, fun, and unique attractions that keep us coming back for more.

Finally, I think that one of Walt’s goals may have been to allow us to give ourselves permission to let our own imaginations loose when we are at Walt Disney World. He wanted to encourage the use of our imaginations to see where we could go with our thoughts and creations. I believe he accomplished that goal.

Until next time, my friends, have a Blessed and Magical Day. And, let you imaginations loose!

Makin Memories…Sing Along!!

I’m sure that many of my fellow Disney World friends will remember that song from the Imagination Pavilion at EPCOT Center. I loved the song, and I loved the film that followed, Magic Journeys. But, what I really love is how we have the ability to save the memories we have made while in the parks.

Outside Imagination!

When I first visited WDW, it was just Magic Kingdom and EPCOT! And, about the only means to keep memories were Instamatic Cameras, 35mm Cameras, or 8mm film. My first trip, I took an 8mm film camera. I was amazed at how that camera was able to capture the vivid colors of Disney. My second trip, and subsequent trips over the next 4 years, was a Fuji AX-3 35mm and again, it was a really nice method to capture the magic in pictures!

Today, we have a larger variety of equipment to use and it can be quite confusing. We have our cell phones with cameras and video capture. There are I Pads, but most of us find it hard to enjoy our fireworks when someone sticks one in the air. Digital cameras come in many different styles from palm sized to full 35mm style bodies, and allow immediate reward when you capture that perfect picture. And then, there are the newer generation of video cameras. Many make use of Hi-Def and digital media. They are quite small and light and when it comes to the images…WOW!!

So, whatever your method of Making Memories that last, the important thing is to make sure you have some sort of record to share and pass on to your kids. Taking pictures is Making Memories!

Thanks for reading! Have a blessed and magical weekend!