Mobile devices

Okay, I know that this blog is aimed primarily at people who love, Love, LOVE Walt Disney World! But, something I have been fighting myself about is how much tech do I allow myself to indulge in while on vacation. I know that there is Wi-Fi all over the parks and resorts, and yet I can’t help but wonder…How much is TOO much?

I have become aware, of late, of the overwhelming control my handheld device seems to be taking in all parts of my life, and I don’t do anything that important! Last week, my wife and I took a mini-date without the kids. I did not have my phone with me, and I didn’t really miss it! This got me to thinking about whether or not I really need it all that much! And as a dad,on vacation, I really want to work at spending most of my attention on my wife and kids, not my cell phone or tablet or whatever! So, I am now considering how much I really want to use my portable electronics. When I am on vacation, I really want to leave my ‘regular’ life behind. ESPECIALLY AT WDW!

So, my strategy may be changing. Instead of submitting wait times, etc. I may just use my device for tracking wait times for our own use. I am going to take my camera and video camera for various usage, and off load to my computer once I return to our resort. This way, while I am in the parks I can concentrate taking meaningful pictures and not so much on posting. At least, that’s what I think now!!

I pray that you all have a blessed week!!

Regular Guy Popcorn Review…Oz The Great and Powerful

I just returned from seeing Oz The Great and Powerful and wanted to give a regular guy’s viewpoint of this most recent movie from Disney. I offer no spoilers in this review.  I am strictly looking to offer my views on the overall story, plot, and suspense.  My goal is to help families decide if it is age appropriate for viewing.

The style of the film was very well constructed.  Filmmakers seemed to hold to the familiar pattern of cinematography while relating an adventurous and fun-filled story to the audience.  While I viewed Oz in 2-D, I could see the appeal of a 3-D option.  The colors were striking and the scenery popped off the screen without the glasses.  I can only imagine how 3-D looked. Personally, I can’t afford to pay the up charge for a pair of glasses.

As for the family, if your children can handle the original Wizard of Oz, they should be good with Oz. While there are a few areas of the movie that have pop-up scares, there is nothing that is long-lasting.  The comedic areas of the film will make you laugh and forget most of the scary stuff quickly.  There are many tender moments that may require the use of tissues.

Overall, I would give Oz the Great and Powerful a four out of five popcorn kernels!  This is due to a little overindulgent smooching and romantic innuendo. Kids 10 and over are most likely good for this PG movie.  For kids younger, I suggest letting them see the original first.  If they fair well through the original in good shape, they should be able to handle Oz just fine.