From Attractions: The Show on Fastpass Plus!

At about 19 minutes into this video is the best explanation I have seen about how Fastpass Plus works! And, I thought it was important to share with all of the recent changes!

▶ Attractions – The Show – Jan. 23, 2014 – Otronicon, FastPass+ Q&A, plus latest news – YouTube.

Who can we turn to for help!?

Carousel and Castle

You’re sitting down, ready to plan your FIRST visit to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. You get on the Disney website and the first thing out of your mouth is, “Where do I start”!?

Well, one place to start is the Disney Mom’s Panel at You can ask some Disney “experts” for ideas and help in your planning. And, it’s not just moms on this panel, there are a few dads on here as well. So, if you want a guys opinion for the guys in your family, just ask!

For an all-around view of what to look for in your planning at Walt Disney World, check out Deb Wills is probably the internet pioneer when it comes to getting information out on the internet! The service has grown and will give you ratings on resorts, restaurants, parks, or just about anything else you can think about at Disney World. You can even see the menus with up-to-date prices for planning your meals! There is a weekly newsletter you can sign up for to be delivered to your personal email account.

If you want to get some hard numbers on the right time of the year to go, where to stay, or what parks to visit on what day, there are a couple of places to look. With a premium subscription, you can make use of and the crowd calendars. Touring Plans also lets you put personal touring plans together for your family make-up. Don’t worry, if you don’t like what they have planned, just build your own!


One of my favorite sites is! Here you can read about how the everyday person might encounter attractions, restaurants, or events. EasyWDW tours the parks like most of us would. By walking around, checking times, and taking a place in line! There are also some guidelines down the right hand column to help you plan your days. Check out their YouTube channel for some really good videos of the parks, too!

And, as always, put your ear to work by listening to some podcasts. I’m currently loading 18 a week! My favorites, in case you missed my previous post are,,, and For Disney news and updates, check out And, for history try All of these are available on I-Tunes.

And, lastly, if you really aren’t sure where to start, call a travel agent that is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner! There are many to choose from, and to be honest, I am one of those! You can contact me at!

May your day be full of blessings and Disney Magic!