Disney Legend…gone!

Dean Jones

This week was a sad week for those of us who grew up with movies like: That Darn Cat, Blackbeard’s Ghost, or The Love Bug.  Actor, and Disney Legend, Dean Jones passed away at the age of 84 from complications related to Parkinson’s Disease.

He was hand-picked by Walt Disney to come aboard and become an actor for Disney Studios.  I remember how much I enjoyed seeing him in each Disney film he was a part of.  And, I especially remember his role as Jim Douglas in Disney’s The Love Bug.  He appeared with Buddy Hackett, Michelle Lee, and of course Herbie, The Love Bug himself.  It was a fun movie with plenty of comedy and drama, and a clear message of right versus wrong.

The most important thing about Dean Jones, to me, was his faith.  He took roles in things like; The Visual Bible: Acts in which he played Luke, one of Jesus’ Disciples.  And, he played Abraham in a video entitled God Provides.  He was serious about his faith and he worked to find roles that had positive messages and would leave a legacy that his children and grandchildren would be proud to watch over and over.

Thank you, Dean Jones, for bringing us all many years of enjoyment and happiness!