A Visit Home!

My kids and I took an overnight together and went to my hometown of Wooster, Ohio. The mission, to get some awesome pizza! Mission accomplished! We visited my favorite childhood memory, Coccia House located at 764 Pittsburgh Ave., Wooster, OH. We all started off with a house salad as an appetizer and them moved right into a Large Pep/Sausage and Small Cheese! Can I just tell you that it is still as good, and tastes the same, as it was those many years ago!

After our meal, we took a tour of my memories. We drove through the downtown area, past the house I grew up in, the elementary school I began my education in, and got to visit with some old neighbors. It was a fabulous time of remembering and catching up. It has been too long since seeing some old friends, and a man that I consider to be one of my original mentors.

I have to say that the motel we stayed at was not the best choice. I chose it because of cost and got what I expected. However, I was hoping to get a bit more than expected. So, if you are heading to Wooster, avoid the Super 8 on Madison Avenue south of town. There were me and my three kids in a single room. One bed! My daughters got the bed, I slept in the recliner, and my son was on the floor. You would think the lady at the desk would count and realize we needed something different. Oh well, learn from experience.

Saturday morning we got up early, and headed to Der Dutchman Restaurant in Walnut Creek, OH. Great buffet meal, service was awesome, and the food was delicious. I bought a few items from the bakery in honor of Mother’s Day for my wife and hope she is able to enjoy it with us on Sunday.

The trip home was a bit more challenging than I had hoped. I drove down US Route 62 and ran into a detour that was not well signed at all. As a result, we ended up driving way out of the way. It’s also an area of the state that has NO CELL COVERAGE. The company that gets that big hole plugged stands to make a lot of dinero.

I am glad the driving part is done, but it was a really nice time with my kids that I can never forget. I love building memories with the great people!