Meet and Greet for guys!

My daughters made an interesting observation today! There isn’t much for guys to do in the way of meeting characters! I thought that was quite a statement from them! So, here are my thoughts on the subject…

Personally, I have no problem meeting The Princesses! But, I could see where some may have an issue with that. I would think it might be a bit of an attraction if the powers that be at Walt Disney World would maybe pair the Princesses up with the Princes. In today’s world, there are few positive role models for our boys to glean things like manors, courtesy, and chivalry! However, with every prince comes the opportunity to make an impression that could last a lifetime with our young men!

My son with Eeyore, His favorite!
My son with Eeyore,
His favorite!

At this point, I would say that the characters that might draw the smaller boys would be Pooh and friends, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy. I suppose The Pirates League could pull the men and boys in, but at nearly $30 each, it could be cost prohibitive! Woody can be found near Splash Mountain, along with Jessie.

Now, during Star Wars Weekends (SWW), there are special Meet and Greets at Disney’s Hollywood Studios that include Star Wars characters or Disney characters dressed in Star Wars garb. These are also for a price! You may also find the Disney Characters around various venues during SWW!

Even making The Beast more available might be considered an act of good faith from Disney in the attempt to make the parks more attractive to our boys! Why? In the end, he makes the right decision and chooses to sacrifice for what is important to him. A trait that, I believe, has been watered down in recent years.

So, what this all comes down to, is I think there needs to be more of a draw for our sons, of all ages, to Walt Disney World! I’d love to hear any ideas my readers might have! Please respond in the comments below!

Have a Blessed and Magical Easter, my friends!!

Who’s The Most Beautiful Princess?

I know this can be quite a conversation! Everyone probably has their own favorite. I have to say that the animators have had quite the magical palette as they designed, drew, and painted the princesses for their movies. I have often wondered if they had someone they modeled these gals after, or if it was their idea of what the perfect princess would look like in real life.

Then, to translate those looks into, for the most part, face characters in the Disney Parks is truly a magical experience for those who visit. I remember watching Jasmine as she first graced the screen and thinking, ‘WOW, what if she was for real?’ Or, Ariel’s transition from mermaid to human! She was beautiful! And, of course, the classic Snow White was the pattern after which all others had to follow. And, in my personal experience, she is my favorite because an early solo visit to WDW in 1986 she sat with me during a character breakfast for just a few minutes, but I remember that to this day!

So, who is your favorite Disney Princess? Let’s find out…

I hope you all have a blessed and magical day!!