Pandora and other odds and ends!

So, now that they have broken ground for Pandora, I guess it’s a done deal? I, for one, am kind of excited to see what they are going to end up with during the construction phase of this project. What surprises me, is that only 4 days after the closure of Festival of the Lion King and Camp Minnie-Mickey, the walls are up, and the first shovel of dirt has been moved! I just wonder if that means I can plan my first visit in just three years. Only time will tell, but I will try to be a part of things when that time comes!

In other news…it was announced that The Magic Kingdom will be going all FastPass Plus beginning next week. The two remaining parks, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, are expected to follow along by the end of January. That means that there will be no more paper (Legacy) Fastpasses available. I will miss those greatly as they typically fit better into my touring style. Change is always a bit difficult, but we will all adapt over time and make the best of it!

Frozen, Disney’s movie that takes place in Norway, topped the box office last weekend during it 7th week in the theaters. Bringing in over $500 Million is beginning to catch the attention of more families each week. And, while it is still IN the theaters, it was announced that the DVD will be out sometime in March! I wonder, with the music being so much like Broadway, could that be an indication about where Frozen could go? Hmmmm!

Finally, for the fun of it…what would you like to see the Avatar project called when it opens? Answer the survey below and let’s see if anyone listens. And, if you have other ideas, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post and we can all discuss it!

Have a blessed and Magical weekend, my friend!