A is for Attitude


Today begins a series on the ABCs of Walt Disney World. Truthfully, I am not sure where this will go! And, we may not take this in alphabetical order, but we shall try! There are a few letters I haven’t filled in yet but there is time! And, we may repeat a few along the way, also.

Attitude when visiting Walt Disney World is very important! Remember, you are on vacation! Now, I know that visiting WDW isn’t always stress free, but I also believe that if we work to keep our attitude in check as a part of our planning process, that we can reduce the stress and be more free to enjoy the magic of this kingdom.

I’m sure we all have journeyed into a park and heard people grumbling about one thing or another. This is where I think the best weapon is having a good plan. And, making sure you have the research into all of the little things that make a Disney vacation special, can also save a lot of disappointment and hurt feelings.

There are some who are going to try to sway other’s attitudes toward the negative no matter how much they plan. But, if those around choose to ignore the negative, a fabulous vacation CAN be had by all!


So, what is the key to a good attitude while at Walt Disney World? Don’t be like Grumpy!! Make sure that everyone is on the same page as far as what attractions we are aiming to see, where and when our meals are scheduled, and how we are getting to the parks! There can always be a bit of flexibility, but I think it is a great idea to have a basic plan for the day before we begin.

What are some of your ideas? Leave a comment below!

I would also like to ask for a little help from readers. If you could share this with your Disney loving friends or family, I would appreciate it! I’m trying to build the reader base and would love to include them in the fun!

Until next time, may you have a Blessed and Magical day!!