Disney Wish List

Many people refer to it as a “Bucket List”. I don’t want to look at it as something to do before I die, I look at it as my list of things to do while I am alive!

Disney Logo

1. Stay at EVERY Disney World Resort
2. Spend a full month just enjoying everything at WDW
3. Cruise on every Disney Cruise Lines ship on at least four different itineraries
4. Walk in Walt’s Shoes tour offered by Adventures By Disney
5. See all of the international Disney Parks
6. Retire to Walt Disney World (as if that will every happen)
7. Aulani, enough said

How about you? What are some of the things on your list? Leave you comments below!

Have a Blessed and Magical week!

Remembering Walt!

I saw a preview for an upcoming movie the other day, and noticed that is just says “Disney Pictures”. At first I didn’t think much of it until I sat down to watch “Beauty and The Beast” with my daughters (our preparation for our upcoming WDW visit), and was the opening marker said “Walt Disney Pictures”. This got me wondering why it appears that we are removing WALT the man who is responsible for it all that we enjoy!


Personally, I think it is the responsibility of those of us who remember him, to educate our children of the brilliant man Walt Disney was, and how he got to the point of putting it all together. A man of humble beginnings! The son of a hard working father and loving mother. A man who sacrificed and lost everything before taking the biggest risk of his life to establish what would eventually become The Disney Studios. That’s where it all comes from, and we need to pass it on to our children.

How about you? What was your first memory of Walt Disney? How has his life impacted yours? How will you help to spread his memory to those behind you? Let me know, share with other readers, I’m sure we’d all love to hear your stories!