Is Free Dining Really Free at WDW?


So, there is a new Free Disney Dining promotion going on at Walt Disney World.  And, the question is it worth the expense.  Let’s take a look and see!

My advice about Free Dining is typically the same.  Check the menus of the Sit-Down Restaurants you think you want to try.  Look at the prices of the items you would like to eat.  Consider the size of your party.  And, do a little math to see if it adds up to being a value.

The offer that is out now requires you to purchase a Package that includes either the Park Hopper (PH) or Water Parks, Fun, and More(WPFM) options to qualify.  Your room rate is the going rack rate and the properties included are very limited on space.  So, keep this in mind when pricing your vacation for the late summer and early fall.

I will admit that I like the dining plan because it allows me to choose some restaurants and meals I might not consider if paying out of pocket.  And, for the seasoned WDW guest, adding a PH or WPFM isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.  In fact, for some, it may be a necessity!

While the Free Dining offer isn’t REALLY free, when you are forced to purchase the add-on, if you add the price of the dining on top of just your base package, you are still saving a bundle.  I typically advise those with four or more in the family over age 9 to consider Free Dining.  My kids like it because we use it for some of the more costly buffets and family style restaurants.  We also try to do at least ONE ‘nicer’ restaurant and choose more expensive meals to help make it more cost effective.MYW PH

One more thing…this current promotion may be an indication of what is to come as related to Free Disney Dining.  This is the first time that Disney has REQUIRED an add-on to the package.  That tells me that this could be the beginning of the end of a true Free Dining offer.  Next year will be the tell!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to add your thoughts and concerns to the conversation!  Have a Blessed and Magical evening, my Disney buddies!