Animated Academy

This Sunday evening will be the 2014 Academy Awards. And, I am really only interested in three categories: Best Animated Feature, Best Score and Song of The Year. So, I’m asking you to help me decide which one to root for! I know, this may be a slightly bias crowd, but here we go!

Please, be honest with your response! I will publish the findings on Monday, March 3! Happy Voting!

threestandswdw EXTRA…Frozen Review

Frozen Poster

So, I know that I am really late with this, but I had a Walt Disney World vacation, Christmas, and a few other things pop up in my life. I was finally able to take the threestrandswdw kids, including my 15 year old son, to see “Frozen” at the theater!

This movie is quite worth watching with the entire family! The animation is spotless and the soundtrack if fabulous! I know the teasers that were released early in 2013 didn’t look very enticing. I am happy to report that this film blows away any competition for the foreseeable future. I don’t know if it will get any Oscar nods, but it should!

Without giving anything away, the story is about two sisters. One has a ‘gift’. The other does not! In the end it is the sister’s love for each other that pulls the story to an exciting and touching conclusion. Don’t get out of your seat for even a minute of this movie as it moves pretty quickly.

I give “Frozen” a popcorn rating of four bags!! See it in the theater to get to full impact of the striking colors and awesome music!

Until next time, have a Blessed and Magical week, my friends