The Greatest Gift!


I want to take this moment to thank you for visiting my blog and giving me an outlet for my Disney addiction. Most especially my love for the Walt Disney World Resort!

However, as this week was approaching, I was contemplating what I wanted to do for this week. And, I decided to just tell you all about the Greatest Gift I have ever received. That gift was first found laying in a manger! He was God’s gift to us all! And, as I read my Bible, I am reminded how much he was meant as a gift for ME! I do not live a perfect life, I can’t because it is impossible on this side of heaven. But, I am so grateful that because of him, I can be made perfect in the next life!

About thirty-three years later, he was hung on a cross for my sin! And, he would have died on that cross if I was the ONLY one on earth! He died on that cross and on the third day, he arose again to live in heaven seated at the right hand of God! It’s a gift too big to fit in a box, a gift that cannot be adorned by pretty wrapping paper and a bow! It is a gift that is open and free to all who would reach out and grab a hold of it!

That gift, my friends, is Jesus Christ!

Yes, I am a Christian! I am not ashamed, nor am I afraid, to say so! I try hard not to judge how others live their life, and I truly believe that God loves all people! He just doesn’t love some of the choices they make!

If you are a Christian, too, please take time to help your family understand your faith! That could be one of the best gifts you can give them this year. If you are not a Christian, I respect your right to choose how you express your faith. I just ask for the same in return!

So, to all my readers, family, and friends….MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Have a Blessed and Magical Christmas Day!!