Destination: Walt Disney World



As I type this, I am at T-12 hours from going “HOME”!  My most favorite place in the world, and possibly the only geographical place I find real happiness, is Walt Disney World in Florida!  Today, I begin the journey of my triumphant return as I drive to Orlando with the goal of reaching The Art of Animation Resort sometime the morning of December 4.  This will bring about the celebration of my 53rd birthday, and Walt Disney’s 112th.  I have been a Disney fan since I was a child.  I always enjoyed the movies, nature films, and television shows growing up.  And, when Walt Disney World opened up in October 1971, I wanted to go visit, but my mother would always say ‘no’.  This year, I will also be celebrating my father’s first birthday in his absence.  Dad went to heaven on Valentine’s Day this year, and I will be carrying him in my heart on December 5, also.  I miss him, but know he will be with me on this trip!  A trip he always wanted to take with us when my brother and I were kids.

It will be a busy week, as I only have five days in the parks!  And, it will be topped by a seven hour backstage tour on my last day.  I can’t wait to enjoy that birthday present to myself!  I hope you will all join me on my adventures as I post pictures, blogs, and reviews here daily. 

Until tomorrow, have a Blessed and Magical Day!!

Tick! Tock!

Sitting here on the last full day I have before we leave for Walt Disney World, hoping I have everything done. I have chosen to work a full day and a half before we depart, and wondering whose brain I was using in making that decision! Our drive is measured, by one of the mapping programs, to be about 15 hours, but we are planning an 18 to 20 to allow for stops, meals, etc.

It is my hope to meet some of my online Disney friends this week as I intend to join up with WDW Today’s Reunion for a couple of events, and possibly a few others in other places. I will be putting up pictures frequently, and filing daily trip reports. I hope you will all join me, and even pass it on for others to enjoy.

Until later in the week, may the magic surround you!!

As Departure Approaches!

We are about 10 days away from making our next trip to Walt Disney World! Preparations are going slow, but progress is being made a little at a time. Our MagicBands are here! All our Fastpass+ selections have been made! And, half of us are packed!

Disney World Arch

This is the tough time of all waiting for the final day to get here before we can get to my happy place! I am excited to try out the MyMagic+ system, but a little apprehensive at the same time! There have been a lot of changes and bug fixes, but since it was just recently announced that the total roll-out is being delayed, I really wonder how ready is this system for a full out assault?

We will be driving to WDW and will need about 17 hours to make the drive. We are building 20 hours in to allow for pit stops. I am excited to see The Art Of Animation Resort! And, yes there will be pictures, and maybe a video of our arrival. Keep an eye on this blog to follow along.

I am hoping that my birthday, Dec 5, will be special as we enjoy the Magic Kingdom and dinner at ‘Ohana! It was also my dad’s birthday, so I will be carrying a picture of him with me. And, of course, most of you should know that Walt Disney was also born on December 5!

I hope you’ll all join us through this virtual porthole! Have a blessed and magical day, my friends!

Planning break

The threestrandswdw family is preparing for our next trip to the Walt Disney World Resort! We are in the process of finalizing our daily plans, which is taking on a bit of a different identity. My wife is a commando in the parks. She wants (needs) to do EVERYTHING!! My three kids are a mix of personalities that can become quite interesting as our day goes by at a rapid pace. Add my lovely Mother-In-Law, who seems to be at peace following our lead, and it really is a mish-mash to handle. As for me? I am wanting to take in more of the atmosphere on this trip. As many know, Disney is IN the Details! And, this trip, I am going to be looking at details!

In the meantime, I will not be making as many entries on my blog over the next few weeks while we finish our planning. But, I will be sharing our adventures via this blog in the form of daily trip reports. I hope you will enjoy the entries. Upon our return, I will give a wrap-up of our vacation and our use of the MagicBands. I have realized that we can talk about it all we want, but it is the experience that will teach us the most!

Have a magical weekend, my friends!