Small Changes To Disney Transportation

It has been reported that some minor changes are occurring with the Disney Transport Bus Service.  So, let me tell you what appears to be going on!

The most significant change I can see is that the All-Star Resorts will now be serviced by separate buses going to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Let’s hope that this means they are looking at the possibility of having separate buses to all of the parks soon!

The Boardwalk will now have it’s own transportation.  That means that there will be no stops at the Swan and Dolphin resorts on your way to the Boardwalk.  This should help to make your commute a bit easier.  The Swan and Dolphin will continue to share bus rides.

If you are traveling from Caribbean Beach, you can now make use of two sides of the resort grounds to get to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  this appears to be during peak travel times to and from these parks.  During the afternoons, the routes will again be combined.

And finally, when traveling to Winter Summerland Golf, you will need to ride to EPCOT and transfer to a Coronado Springs bus which will make the trip to the miniature golf course.  FOUR!!

Well, that’s it for now!  Have a blessed and magical day, friends!

Mobility and Babies at WDW

I see a lot of questions online about using mobility devices and strollers at Walt Disney World. Here, we will attempt to answer a few of the most common questions! The first thing to be aware of is, YES, you can rent from WDW in each of the parks, but generally those are just for the day, in the park you are attending, and quite expensive. If you are in a pinch, of course, make use of this service!

If, however, you are trying to plan ahead, like many of us, you might want to consider an off-site supplier. But, remember that the off-site contractor must be a Disney Approved supplier. Most will bring what you need to your resort the day you are due to arrive, and pick up the day you depart. And, there are usually different styles and types available based on your particular needs at that time.

One of the most popular wheelchair and scooter rental companies is Walker Mobility. Walker can actually supply chairs, scooters, AND strollers. You can check out their offerings at for all the options that are available.

You can also check out Buena Vista Scooter Rentals! They also provide scooter and stroller rentals. They are a Disney Featured ECV Provider and they even rent bicycles! Be sure to check them out a for more details.

One final thought, if I may? Using scooters on Disney Transport buses to and from the parks is really quite well done! Scooters are loaded FIRST, to allow for ease of boarding and to make sure that you are properly situated before the rest of the passengers are boarded. This is not a preferred service, it just makes sense! Also, if you ARE using strollers for your kids, please fold them up before boarding, and if able before the bus actually arrives. This will assist in getting everyone on board, and on the way to your park or resort quicker. Also, it is a federal guideline that nothing block the aisle of a passenger bus in case of emergency.

I hope this is helpful, and if you have any other tips, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom to help others seeking assistance!

Have a Blessed and Magical Sunday, my friends!!

Non-Park Adventures at WDW

Can you believe it? I actually want to make a trip to Walt Disney World and NOT enter a park. So, what can I do that will still be magical? Let’s take a look, shall we?

In order to be able to keep some cost control, I choose to stay at Pop Century! The theming is quite amazing! I did a walk through on my last visit and I could stay there without concern! It’s well kept and clean, and the pools look amazing!

I would begin with a trip to Downtown Disney, soon to be Disney Springs. A visit to Earl of Sandwich for a yummy meal followed by a trip through the World of Disney Store sounds like fun, to me! From there, I jump on a Sassagoula River Transport to Port Orleans – Riverside for the Yeehaa Bob Show. I have seen him in the past and love his entertaining style.

What about a round of golf? Well, miniature golf that is. I would take on both Winter Summerland and Fantasia Gardens and Fairways both sound enjoyable and relaxing. I just hope there is a worthy opponent! I’m hoping my putting skills make a better than usual impression.

I’m not sure which water park I would want to try. Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach looks intense, and gets strong reviews from whose who have shared their experiences. But, I’m not sure about the wedgie at the end of the slide! Or, should I take a shot at the Crush N Gusher Water Coaster at Typhoon Lagoon? Ah, heck, maybe I’ll do both?

As you can see, there is a lot to do without going into one of the theme parks! There is a lot more than I can cover in this entry. I would suggest that you make use of the internet and see if there are other options you would want to consider. Whether you choose to take a trip similar to this example, or add a few of these items to your vacation planning, you will find something you can enjoy!

Happy Planning!!

Have a Blessed and Magical Weekend, my friends!

Monorail system to close during non peak times for maintenance in early 2014

I wonder if they are taking them down at the same time, or will alternate? Sounds like a complete shut down to me.

Monorail system to close during non peak times for maintenance in early 2014.

Review of Art of Animation Resort

Art of Animation

Driving up to the Art of Animation Resort was quite an experience. The excitement covered my being as we made the approach and first saw the sign. After being welcomed by the guard, we proceeded to the front entrance where we were greeted by the big sign. Walking into the Lobby was quite an eye-opener. I learned that what you see on video doesn’t quite have the same impact as seeing it in person. The sketchings on the wall were breath-taking and added to the beauty of the lobby area. We were greeted by a friendly Cast Member, and given our room assignment. At the other end of the lobby is the Concierge Desk and the entrance to the Ink and Paint Shop. Just past the Ink and Paint, is Landscape of Flavors. This food court has plenty of room to sit and several drink stations around the room. Rapid Refill is in place at the drink stations, so keep an eye on how many you have left.

When you walk out of the back door of the Lobby area, you are staring at the Big Blue. This is the main pool area of the resort and is beautifully themed with Nemo and friends. This pool is the largest on the WDW property, and does not use chlorine in the water. The pool is flanked by the Finding Nemo Family Suites.

To your far left facing Big Blue is the Little Mermaid standard rooms. These rooms are about 10 minutes from the main lobby and bus stops. It’s a pleasant walk, so don’t let the distance keep you from choosing these rooms if you are looking to experience the atmosphere of AOA.

To the immediate left is The Lion King family suites. We stayed in these suites ourselves on our most recent visit. We found the rooms to be comfortable and of ample size to allow us all a little personal space. As you approach this area, you are greeted by Rafiki. Of course, Simba, the hyenas, and Zazu are all represented around the LK area. But, the most impressive is Timon, Pumba, and young Simba on the log overhead as you approach building 6.

Finally, to the immediate right is the Cars Family Suites. Again, the theming is beautiful! You feel like you have actually walked into Carburetor Canyon. The detail on all of the cars is amazing, and the pool is very nice. It’s not as big, but it is inviting and again well themed.

As you enter the suites, you open the door to the dining area. In our suite, there was a bathroom to the left of the entry. The Living space was straight ahead, and a separate bedroom was just past the dining area with a queen-sized bed and a second full bathroom with a walk-in shower. The dining table doubles as a Murphy style bed and is very easy to set up. And, there is a sofa-bed in the living area that is reported to be pretty comfortable.

Landscape of Flavors offers multiple cuisines to tempt any palate. I must admit, however, that the breakfasts leave a little to be desired, in my opinion. The food was bland tasting and the meat wasn’t cooked as well as it could have been. The dinners were quite tasty. I had the meatball sandwich and found it to be full of flavor. I’m not sure what the rest of the family had, as we ate in shifts that evening.

If you are using Disney Transport to get around to the parks, water parks, or Downtown Disney just walk out through Ink and Paint and go right. First slot is for the Magic Kingdom. All of the other slots are labeled with the destination and buses are frequent first thing in the morning. While the ‘official’ start is about an hour prior to park opening, I did notice most parks being serviced by 7:45am.

If you are looking for a unique experience with some fabulous theming, Art of Animation fits the bill! The property is spread out and is adjacent to Pop Century. The two properties are connected by a bridge near the center of the resorts. I noticed many people using this as a part of their jogging track.

I hope this look at the Art of Animation Resort is helpful to you. If this is a property you are interested in visiting, don’t hesitate to book it!

Thanks for reading! Have a Blessed and Magical day!!

Why I Cry at Walt Disney World

Anyone else know the feeling? You get to your resort, get settled into your room, grab a bite to eat like it’s no big deal being there. You board the Disney Transport bus and head to the park, no big deal either, right? You arrive at the bus depot and you start to feel the anticipation of what lies ahead. FINALLY, you walk through security to the turnstiles and get admitted. Now it hits you! YOU’RE AT THE MAGIC KINGDOM! As you approach the train station you see the beautiful flowers. As you clear the tunnel, tears begin to roll down your face as you realize that you are so happy to be here! That’s what happens to me every time I walk into the Magic Kingdom. It is typically the first park I visit when I take my vacation at Walt Disney World.

Our first family visit in Feb. 2012
Our first family visit in Feb. 2012

I love the feeling of being a kid in awe of the creation that began with Walt Disney. I grew up watching “The Wonderful World of Color” on Sunday evenings and remember the opening of Disneyland on our old Black and White television. In my mind, Mr. Disney was the greatest man on earth. I have loved all of the classic movies and even the original Mickey Mouse Club in syndication. And, being in a place that Walt designed, but was unable to see to completion! And, that thought causes me to be a bit emotional, also!

And then there’s the other end of the deal! Leaving! If you use Disney’s provided transportation for all of your needs, then the ride back to the airport is aboard the Tragical Express. I’m not sure what to call it when you have a 17 hour drive home ahead of you, but I’m sure I’ll be wailing a good bit of the way. In my heart, I never want to leave. This is the only place in the world where I feel I can be myself! It is my hope to relocate, someday, and be a part of the magic.

So, yes I cry going into the Happiest Place on Earth, and I cry harder on the way out! And, I am so looking forward to it on my upcoming trip!

Getting around on Disney Transport

Disney bus

I love riding the Disney Transport bus, when I am at Walt Disney World. I am a bus driver in my at home life, so it is no big deal. In fact, sometimes it’s nice to have someone drive ME around!

But, with so many people from so many different places, it’s easy to forget that not everyone has, or makes use of, the public transit system. As a result, it could be even easier to miss that there may be some who have never been taught the proper bus etiquette when using Disney Transport. So, we’ll try to look at a few of those here, today!

1. Be patient, especially with those who are in ECVs or wheelchairs. You never know what someone’s ailment may be, but keep in mind that Disney drivers are professional and do a great job helping these guests quickly to get everyone else moving.

2. This is for the Men…be a gentleman! If an elderly person, or a lady with a baby, comes aboard, get up! Most of the rides around WDW are 20 minutes or less! I know at the end of the day, it’s easy to say we’re tired, but chivalry needs a little resurrection!

3. If you have a stroller, either move to the rear of the bus or fold the stroller up. This will allow for more people to join you in the excitement of going to one of the parks. This is an incredible courtesy, and also happens to be a federal law.

4. While waiting at your Resort Depot, allow those coming off of the bus to proceed first. This will help the exchange of passengers go quicker and you will be off to your destination in no time. This isn’t a problem at the parks because of the use of switchback queues.

5. Be courteous to your drivers. They are working hard to provide you the safest and friendliest ride. In many cases, the Bus Drivers are the first people we come in contact with, and they are a fabulous source for information and assistance. We left a backpack at the Port Orleans – Riverside on our way to Animal Kingdom. We asked the driver if there was a way to check. He got on the radio and within a few minutes, they had the bag and told us where we could recover it. That’s service!

If we all strive to make use of these few simple rules, everyone’s vacation just might feel a bit more magical, don’t you think?

Have a blessed and Magical evening!!