Polynesian Lobby Revealed

Polynesian Resort Village Lobby
Polynesian Resort Village Lobby

The first pictures were revealed of the refurbished Great Ceremonial House lobby at Walt Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.  And, while I’m sure I’m in the minority, I don’t find it unappealing!  But then, I have never spent more than a few minutes in the lobby area.  I am usually running through to go to ‘Ohana, or grab a monorail.

I know that there are many avid Disney fans who aren’t completely open to change.  In this case, I wonder what a first time guest might think of this lobby? The open design actually makes the lobby look large and inviting.  And, make sure you keep an eye on the floor, there may be a hidden mickey or two lying around.

I know that change is difficult, but it is the one constant of life. AND, it is inevitable!

I can’t wait to see this in person, I may have a different opinion at that time, but for now, I’m open to what is presented!

Have a great Saturday!

Author: threestrandswdw

I am a Disney fanatic who can't get nearly enough time to be there! I am married to someone who isn't as into it as I am, but tolerates my "hobby". I live in Ohio, but would love to make the move to Orlando, if I would work either at Walt Disney World, or in some peripheral business serving the WDW area! I invite you to read, comment, and submit ideas anytime at threestrandswdw@outlook.com. Or, even better, send me a trip report to share with others! We all like to live through the experiences of others, help us stay connected to the magic! Thank you!!

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