Traveling with a Non-Park Loving Guest at WDW

Anyone who loves, Loves, LOVES Walt Disney World may be able to relate to this post!  Many of us have met them, some of them are in our own families, or circle of friends! You plan and plan for that perfect trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth, and suddenly one of your traveling companions says, “I don’t really want to do the parks!  What can I do that is NOT in the parks?”  We’ll take a look at that in this installment of the ThreeStrandsWDW blog!

Many Disney addicts have a spouse, companion, or even child who isn’t as pumped up about visiting the parks.  And, if not planned well, this can be the vacation from hell!  What I think about is, “How can I make this vacation special for this person?”  Thankfully, they are still going to Walt Disney World!” Which means there’s plenty to choose from to occupy your time.

Like to golf?  WDW offers some of the best golfing around.  There are four world class courses managed by the Arnold Palmer Golf Management.

Disney's Magnolia Golf Course Not so hidden Mickey!
Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course
Not so hidden Mickey!

Disney’s Magnolia, the longest championship level course on property!  With lots of water hazards and 97 bunkers, this course is set up to challenge even the most avid player.

Disney’s Palm was completely redesigned by Arnold Palmer Course Design, and has nine water hazards and ninety-four bunkers.  I’d say you could spend some time at the beach and not have near the driving distance to get there, if you’re not careful!

Disney’s Lake Buena Vista and Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Courses round out this foursome of fantastically laid out fairways, bunkers, and greens to give anyone who loves golf plenty to do while everyone else is in the one of the parks.

Sammy Duvall Walt Disney World Bay Lake
Sammy Duvall
Walt Disney World
Bay Lake

For someone with a different kind of adventurous spirit, there are a few options available, as well.  There’s fishing at Port Orleans Resort – Riverside.  Horseback riding or Archery at Fort Wilderness, or Parasailing on Bay Lake.

There are also some special tours that COULD get them into the parks, even for a short while.  There is a Scuba diving adventure at The Seas with Nemo and Friends.  Or, there are park tours available to get a look at the magic behind the magic.


Whatever their interest, there is something for EVERYONE to do at Walt Disney World! And, of course, there are a ton of dining experiences to be had, as well.  And, who doesn’t find the food at WDW to be an attraction in and of itself?

Thanks for reading, and have a Blessed and Magical evening, my friends!

Author: threestrandswdw

I am a Disney fanatic who can't get nearly enough time to be there! I am married to someone who isn't as into it as I am, but tolerates my "hobby". I live in Ohio, but would love to make the move to Orlando, if I would work either at Walt Disney World, or in some peripheral business serving the WDW area! I invite you to read, comment, and submit ideas anytime at Or, even better, send me a trip report to share with others! We all like to live through the experiences of others, help us stay connected to the magic! Thank you!!

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