Taking it easy at WDW

I live with a wife who believes that the best way to get the most out of a Walt Disney World vacation is to hit the ground running, and keep going until you drop (preferably at the end of the trip). But, I am ready to forgo that strategy on my visit to the World and find some time to relax, take it in, and enjoy it the way I want to…slow and steady!

Don’t misunderstand me, in my book there is no wrong way to achieve the goal of a Disney World vacation. But, I think that the Imagineers took a lot of time to put the details together, not just for the attractions, but for the surrounding areas as well. And, it seems a shame to blow past those details without taking a bit of it in, also!

At The Magic Kingdom, there are the windows on Main Street U.S.A. that carry the names of those who have contributed to the look, smell, and feel of this special destination. In Animal Kingdom, the details to make the areas of Africa and Asia to look authentic enough to make you think you are actually there. EPCOT’s greatest details can be found all around World Showcase with the architectures of the country pavilions. And, Disney’s Hollywood Studios shows us the details of past eras of America’s entertainment capital in the facades and atmosphere that surrounds you as you walk down Hollywood Blvd.

As I begin to think through plans for my eventual return to WDW, MY plan will be one of a slower pace and fewer expectations.

How about you? What’s your favorite way to capture the magic in your vacation?

A Blessed and Magical day, I wish you all!!

Author: threestrandswdw

I am a Disney fanatic who can't get nearly enough time to be there! I am married to someone who isn't as into it as I am, but tolerates my "hobby". I live in Ohio, but would love to make the move to Orlando, if I would work either at Walt Disney World, or in some peripheral business serving the WDW area! I invite you to read, comment, and submit ideas anytime at threestrandswdw@outlook.com. Or, even better, send me a trip report to share with others! We all like to live through the experiences of others, help us stay connected to the magic! Thank you!!

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