Walt Disney had a vision of how he wanted to entertain early in his life and it continued right up to his death. The greatest tool I think he possessed was his IMAGINATION. And, as shown by the pavilion of the same name at EPCOT, all of us are encouraged to use OUR imaginations to move forward with progress.

Fountain at the Imagination Pavilion
Fountain at the Imagination Pavilion

In it’s original production, was hosted by Dreamfinder and Figment! The ride attraction had Dreamfinder on a dirigible type aircraft collecting various elements of imagination. And, one of the results is the creation of Figment! A cute little dragon with two tiny wings, eyes big and yellow, horns of a steer, a lovable fellow, with a touch of childish delight. And, I remember the Image Works part of the Imagination pavilion! It was fun and inventive and I was able to be the kid I was never able to be growing up! It was one of the most special places on the property for me.

Today, Disney’s Imagineers continue to combine imagination with engineering to create and develop new experiences within Disney Parks worldwide. And, more often than not, they develop the new, fun, and unique attractions that keep us coming back for more.

Finally, I think that one of Walt’s goals may have been to allow us to give ourselves permission to let our own imaginations loose when we are at Walt Disney World. He wanted to encourage the use of our imaginations to see where we could go with our thoughts and creations. I believe he accomplished that goal.

Until next time, my friends, have a Blessed and Magical Day. And, let you imaginations loose!

From Attractions: The Show on Fastpass Plus!

At about 19 minutes into this video is the best explanation I have seen about how Fastpass Plus works! And, I thought it was important to share with all of the recent changes!

▶ Attractions – The Show – Jan. 23, 2014 – Otronicon, FastPass+ Q&A, plus latest news – YouTube.


You only have 4 days to get as much magic in as you possibly can, and you’re not sure how to pull off everything you want to do. One possible solution is what is called HOPPING!

You will hear people debating whether to Park Hop or not. It is a basic question to ask during your initial planning for your visit to Walt Disney World. My advice is that it depends on how many days you are going to be able to squeeze out. If you can devote at least 7 days (or more) to your park days, you may not want to use the Park Hopping option to your admissions. If you have 5 days or less, Park Hopping may make better sense for you to get in all the rides, attractions, and fireworks that you have on your must do list.


How does Park Hopping work? First order of business is to determine how many days you are committing to your trip to The World. Then map out what attractions, rides, fireworks, and even restaurants you are wanting to make sure you get to see. If Park Hopping will allow you to fit more of these items completed, then you need only pay $59 per person for the entire time of your visit. Yes, even if you decide to hop on the 7 days or more, it is still only $59 for the entire length of your admissions!

Granted, this is my suggestion, and others may use different strategies. But, having a plan and knowing how you want to accomplish your goals makes for a smoother visit to THE Vacation Kingdom!

Have a Blessed, Warm, and Magical day, my friends!!

Garden Grocer

Many people get accommodations that include some kind of ‘kitchen’ set up. It may be something as simple as a small fridge and microwave or a fully equipped kitchen. And, one of the reasons people like this is so they can save money in the parks by eating more meals in the room, or out of a bag in the parks. While there are many stores nearby where you can go to get your supplies, you don’t always plan to drive when staying at Walt Disney World. That’s where the specialized service offered by Garden Grocer may come in handy!

Garden Grocer

This service is one of the nicest things we have experienced on previous visits to the Vacation Kingdom! There is a $40 minimum order and the items are slightly higher priced than the neighborhood outlet, but the convenience of having it delivered to your resort for the small amount of $14.00 can save you valuable touring time, while helping you stock the ‘kitchen’!

They have a variety of items to select from for every dietary need, fresh fruit, dairy products, and water. If you want to use this service just go to, by email at, or call the toll free phone number 866.855.4350. Put your order together, designate which resort you are staying at with an approximate time of arrival, and they will deliver your order to that resort just prior to you arrival. AND, they will call you to confirm the delivery, so you will know it’s waiting for you! And, don’t worry about the refrigerated items, all Disney Resorts have the ability to keep things cold until you are ready to have them in your room.

That’s it for today, I hope you find this to be a helpful post!

Have a Blessed and Magical Day!!


Today in our ABCs of Walt Disney World, we talk about just about everyone’s favorite subject…FOOD!

When it comes to food around WDW, it’s everywhere! There are two primary categories of restaurant choices when in the World. You can choose from Counter/Quick Service locations or Sit-Down Restaurants. There are also what’s called Signature locations. These places boast some of the best menus, and some of the most expensive meals, on the property. Personally, it’s out of my budget, but if you can afford to take on this experience, go for it!

'Ohana grill
‘Ohana grill

If you’re in a hurry, counter locations are typically quicker to grab a meal and take the least amount of time out of your park time. Most quick service have basic menus. Hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, drinks. There are some, however, that serve more adventurous fair. In the Magic Kingdom, Cosmic Rays offers some of the best fried chicken on property is served here. And, there’s a nice sized indoor sitting area, so getting a break from the weather can help refresh your crew for the next round of attractions. If your at EPCOT, you might want to try something like Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco. Unique flavors and atmosphere makes this experience worthwhile. There are many more in all the parks and something for every taste.

Now if you want something that takes a bit more time and introduces you to some more exciting meals, then the vast array of Sit-Down Venues offer quite a variety! World Showcase alone has a virtual smorgasbord. Each country has an offering the tempt all palettes! Add to that the various resorts, Downtown Disney, and all the parks and you could spend a few months just trying to taste something from each. And, don’t forget the character meals! They are all over the place! One of our favorites in EPCOT is Nine Dragons in the China Pavilion. Quiet, tasty, and very good service! Yachtsmen Steak at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort is rumored to have some of the best meat dishes around Orlando. And, of course, ‘Ohana is possibly the hardest reservation to get! The Polynesian style cooking makes each meal delectable. Plan early for this one!!

If you want to treat your beloved to a very special evening, then you may want to consider one of the Signature locations. One I want to try is The California Grill at the top of the Contemporary Resort! This restaurant has just undergone a refurbishment that includes some of the menu items. It’s going to cost you, but there is one thing that could make it worth every penny…The View!! From the balcony of The California Grill you can see, and hear, Wishes! from The Magic Kingdom. This will impress your special someone!

There are many more offerings we could talk about, but that would take pages! Take a look at the Disney Food Blog website at for more information and reviews.

Have a Blessed and Magical Day!!


Our next installment of the ABCs of Walt Disney World takes a look at a bigger picture when planning your vacation, Experiences!

Located around the Walt Disney World property are a lot of different types of experiences. Sure, many people think all of the experiences are within the four theme parks. Today we are going to look at some experiences outside the parks, but still on property.

For the speed demon, or car enthusiast, in your group there is the Richard Petty Driving Experience located in the parking area just beyond the Magic Kingdom Auto Plaza. You can choose for two different types of experiences. You can ride or drive a NASCAR style race car. Take a look at www. Or, if you have always wanted to drive a fancy, and fast, sports car that you know you can never afford to buy, you can do the the Exotic Driving Experience. You can get more information on this experience at


At Downtown Disney, you can experience an exclusive presentation from Cirque Du Soleil called La Nouba. Filled with high-flying acrobats, feats of strength, and entertainment that is fit for everyone in the entire family. You can get tickets at

There are plenty of watercraft options all around the property. There are boat rentals all around the place. Canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, and motorized boats can be found at many locations. Just check with guest services at your resort to make arrangements.

Finally, I’d like to suggest an experience for couples celebrating being together. This DOES NOT have to be an anniversary or birthday. It could be a just because moment. Take your sweetheart over to the Boardwalk near the Yacht and Beach Club resorts! You can walk around this beautifully themed area reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century waterfront environment with performers all around. Or, you could grab some Ice Cream at Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club. Remember, if you want to sit down at Beaches and Cream, you will need to make a reservation at 407-WDW-DINE.

Disney's Boardwalk
Disney’s Boardwalk

These are just a few ideas of how to spend time outside of the parks. There are experiences all over the place, you just have to look for them! I hope this gives you some ideas.

Thanks for reading! Have a Blessed and Magical day!!


For those of us who are addicted to all things Disney, we know one thing to be true. Disney is in the DETAILS.

When walking through one of the parks, I recommend taking a little time to look at the details around you. On Main Street USA, for instance, look up at the windows. There are names of people who have had a significant impact on the development of Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Some are imagineers, such as Tony Baxter. Some are family, such as Roy O. Disney. And some are people who have been there for years in the background. It’s worth looking around!

Window for Roy O. Disney
Window for Roy O. Disney

Another thing to keep an eye out for is Hidden Mickeys that can be found in all of the theme parks, resorts, restaurants, and on the grounds. There are even some in the movies! For an idea of where to find some of these Hidden Mickeys, pick up a copy of Steven M. Barrett’s book Hidden Mickeys a Field Guide to Walt Disney World.

You have all heard the phrase, ‘stop and smell the roses’, well in this case I urge you to stop and smell the roses, popcorn odors, ah heck anything that crosses your nose or eyes! Disney is most Definitely in the Details!

Have a Blessed and Magical Day!!