Trip Report: Day 5, Part 2…an evening at The Magic Kingdom

After completing my Backstage Magic Tour (see, I jumped on the Monorail from EPCOT to the TTC and then from TTC to The Magic Kingdom to join the rest of my family for one last go around. I love the personality of this park as day turns into night. Add to that the beautiful Christmas decorations and there is a WOW factor at work here!

Christmas at The Magic Kingdom brings very beautiful floral arrangements.
Christmas at The Magic Kingdom brings very beautiful floral arrangements.

I headed straight to Storybook Circus to take a look at this area. I found the artwork and detail to be fascinating! Dumbo looks spectacular and so does the train station! The entire area looks like it would be a complete blast, especially with families that have smaller Disney fans. One report, though, tells me that Barnstormer is not as tame as it appears.

From here, I moved over to the Fantasyland Expansion area to take a deeper look at some of the detail here, also. The Beast Castle really is a marvel! Gaston’s tavern is fun to look around, and the entire land is done in a fashion that Walt would be proud to call a part of his park. I would say the Imagineers really pulled this one off! Of course, the last piece isn’t open, yet. We shall see how the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Coaster affects things when it opens in the spring.

I met up with the rest of my family and we headed off for another ride on Haunted Mansion. The line was long for this ride this evening with a posted wait of 30 minutes. And, I think it was a good 25 before we entered the stretch room. The ride was stopped for about 3 or 4 minutes, but once it got moving it was, indeed, a nice way to spend a few minutes. I love this ride!

We were a bit late for our reservation at The Crystal Palace, but the Cast Member didn’t even blink. We were seated fairly quickly and then the Poohrade of Characters began. Yes, I agree that the cost of this meal is a bit high, but the interaction with characters is top-notch. My son found an extreme admirer when Eeyore came around. We kind of made a big thing about our son being an Eeyore at home, and maybe that was just the connection needed to forge this short-lived bond. The food was pretty good at the buffet and the service we good, as well. Not the best of our trip, but that will come along in a future report.

I finished the night with a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Can I say, it seemed like that thing was bookin around the open track with slow downs only while passing through attractions. Not the relaxing ride I have enjoyed previously. I’m sure they adjusted for the larger crowds to move people along.

We watched Wishes! from the Tomorrowland area by Space Mountain. You can’t see everything, but the crowd in this area we manageable, making what we could see more enjoyable. But, now it was time to find a spot for the Main Street Electrical Parade, so we headed up to Liberty Square. We found good seat near the Liberty Tree Tavern for viewing. It wasn’t as crowded as Main Street would be, which made viewing more enjoyable!

Lights make more magic at Cinderella's Castle
Lights make more magic at Cinderella’s Castle

And now, it was time for me to take in a last, deep breath of my sentimental favorite Disney park. So, I headed for the hub near Cinderella’s Castle, sat down, and just looked, listened, and smelled the atmosphere of this place that puts the biggest smile on my face. And, as usual, a few tears, too!

It is my biggest hope, and most intense dream, to someday be a part of the magic that takes place here at the Walt Disney World Resort. I don’t know if it will ever happen, but I can continue to dream, can’t I?

Blessings and magic be yours, today, my friends!!

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I am a Disney fanatic who can't get nearly enough time to be there! I am married to someone who isn't as into it as I am, but tolerates my "hobby". I live in Ohio, but would love to make the move to Orlando, if I would work either at Walt Disney World, or in some peripheral business serving the WDW area! I invite you to read, comment, and submit ideas anytime at Or, even better, send me a trip report to share with others! We all like to live through the experiences of others, help us stay connected to the magic! Thank you!!

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