Personal MyMagic+ Testing Next Week

Greetings Readers!

Beginning Wednesday, December 4, I will be at Walt Disney World and starting my own personal testing of the MyMagic+ system. I plan on taking notes and passing it on to you all daily. I am excited about what this could all be, but also a bit apprehensive.


There has been a lot of negative stuff on the web the past few days, talking about how the investment in this project has halted other ‘creative’ projects. This may be true, but I don’t know if the source can be trusted. All I know is that am one who believes that Disney will get it right! Walt was one to create technology that didn’t previously exist, and this is just another step in that process.

As I am preparing for my departure, I am working to make sure I have everything I need to give you as much as I can. That may include pictures, some video, or who knows what.

If there is anything specific you want to know about the MagicBand process, please email me at and I’ll do my best to get results!

The adventure begins Tuesday as I drive about 19 hours to WDW! Until then, may Disney Magic fill your weekend! Happy Thanksgiving to those in the USA!

Be Blessed!!!

T – 9 and Counting


As the day of our return to Walt Disney World approaches, my focus has turned to the little details. Gathering the electronic devices needed to record our adventures. Collecting all the paperwork, or digital information, just in case the MyMagic+ system goes a little awry. And, triple checking my ADRs, FP+ and other activities planned.

Yes, I have been waiting for this a very long time! It is my hope to be able to forget reality for a week and truly enjoy the place that brings me joy, Walt Disney World!

For this time away, I will actually NOT be following the Podcasts I enjoy when I am not in park. I WILL, however, be making daily, if not minute-by-minute, reports via this blog. Pictures, some video, and my feedback will be a part of the journey. Any issues with MagicBands will be posted promptly along with any resolution offered by Cast Members.

I hope you will all join me and my family as we rediscover the wonder of WDW!

Blessings and Magic to you all, today and every day!

Who’s The Most Beautiful Princess?

I know this can be quite a conversation! Everyone probably has their own favorite. I have to say that the animators have had quite the magical palette as they designed, drew, and painted the princesses for their movies. I have often wondered if they had someone they modeled these gals after, or if it was their idea of what the perfect princess would look like in real life.

Then, to translate those looks into, for the most part, face characters in the Disney Parks is truly a magical experience for those who visit. I remember watching Jasmine as she first graced the screen and thinking, ‘WOW, what if she was for real?’ Or, Ariel’s transition from mermaid to human! She was beautiful! And, of course, the classic Snow White was the pattern after which all others had to follow. And, in my personal experience, she is my favorite because an early solo visit to WDW in 1986 she sat with me during a character breakfast for just a few minutes, but I remember that to this day!

So, who is your favorite Disney Princess? Let’s find out…

I hope you all have a blessed and magical day!!

As Departure Approaches!

We are about 10 days away from making our next trip to Walt Disney World! Preparations are going slow, but progress is being made a little at a time. Our MagicBands are here! All our Fastpass+ selections have been made! And, half of us are packed!

Disney World Arch

This is the tough time of all waiting for the final day to get here before we can get to my happy place! I am excited to try out the MyMagic+ system, but a little apprehensive at the same time! There have been a lot of changes and bug fixes, but since it was just recently announced that the total roll-out is being delayed, I really wonder how ready is this system for a full out assault?

We will be driving to WDW and will need about 17 hours to make the drive. We are building 20 hours in to allow for pit stops. I am excited to see The Art Of Animation Resort! And, yes there will be pictures, and maybe a video of our arrival. Keep an eye on this blog to follow along.

I am hoping that my birthday, Dec 5, will be special as we enjoy the Magic Kingdom and dinner at ‘Ohana! It was also my dad’s birthday, so I will be carrying a picture of him with me. And, of course, most of you should know that Walt Disney was also born on December 5!

I hope you’ll all join us through this virtual porthole! Have a blessed and magical day, my friends!

Restaurant Reviews To Help Choose!

Are you ready to do some choosing of restaurants to eat at while at Walt Disney World? Is your ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation) day rapidly approaching and you’re just not sure if a particular restaurant is what you really want? This article is an attempt to link you to some aids in selecting the right place for the right time in your plans.

One of the most visited sites is probably at If you visit you can read some reviews for the different restaurants on the Walt Disney Resort property. Keep in mind that those of us who are a bit more fanatical about WDW food, may be a little harsh in our reviews.

Another site that I was surprised to find a lot of information on is TripAdvisor does have quite a bit of information on Disney property restaurants. And the reviews seem to be well balanced! Just put the name of the restaurant in the search box, and include Disney World to narrow the search, and you should be able to read up on your picks.

Finally, I am finding menus on many different sites these days! has menu listings with prices. has menu items in their Lines app that you can get on Android or Iphone, there is a small cost for this app. And, of course, there is the Disney World website. Although, it is a bit more bulky to access the menu information.

Until next time, have a blessed and magical evening!